If you’re holding yourself back from putting out consistent content because you’re struggling with what to say and how to say it, then the Copywriting Strategy Membership is perfect for you.

Nail Your Copy.

Engage Your Audience.

Turn Words into Revenue. 

Welcome to the Copywriting Strategies Membership where you never have to sweat about what to say, how to say it, or what to write next.

'Nuff Said. I'm In. 
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Genuine connections, predictable sales, and ideal clients will not find you if you’re --

- Not communicating consistently

- Too worried about offending someone

- Wasting time staring at a blank screen

In fact, when’s the last time you thought:

- I don’t know what to say

- Nobody’s listening or engaging with me

- I’m not a good writer

- I’m too busy and I don’t have time to write all this content

- I have more to learn before I can put offers out consistently

But here’s the truth: Your ideal clients are already right there, praying for the very solution that only you can deliver . . . 

The sad part is that they’ll never get the help they need from you if you’re not communicating effectively, consistently, or clearly (and that means no $$$ in your bank account, either!)

I’m Laura Kebart, CEO of Laura Kebart Copy. After growing a 6 figure business in a highly price-sensitive niche, I now guide online entrepreneurs in building their own successful businesses through crafting copy that builds connections and results in revenue. 

You're invited to become part of a simple yet elegant copywriting strategy experience by joining me and the other kind + supportive members of our group to learn completely authentic ways to engage with those who are perfect for our services, and systems to repurpose every piece of communication so we're never spending hours reinventing the wheel . . . And it ALL comes down to the digestible nuggets of copywriting that I teach!

Yup! I'm ready.
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So where are you stuck right now?

😳Are you 100% confident that the way you speak to your audience is absolutely going to result in revenue going forward

😵Do you have an authentic, simple plan for communicating consistently with your audience in a way that gets them to actually listen and respond to you? (‘Cuz they won’t pay you if they’re not even listening in the first place).

😱Do you have a clearly outlined email, content, or messaging strategy to build a loyal community of people who are praying for a solution to the exact problem that you solve?

😬When you sit down to type out an email or a social post, can you knock out that task in a reasonable amount of time, or do you get lost in what to say and how to say it to where you just give up after a while?

🤯Or maybe you’re so overwhelmed by #allthethings you have to write, all the communicating you have to do, that you’re living moment by moment, always 10 steps behind and never able to think strategically about what to say and how to say it to your audience.

That's exactly why I created

Here’s how The Copy Review Strategy Membership will obliterate the chaos, exhaustion, and overwhelm that you feel when it’s time to write to your audience.

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The Copywriting Strategy Membership

→offers just one copywriting focus per month

→is presented on a month-to-month basis

→moves you forward in bite-sized steps

→ compliments other coaching services or courses you're already in

Yes, Please!
I'm SO in.
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Here's everything you get...


Weekly office hours for Q&A on all things copy strategy (so you're never just left alone to DIY with no help).


One lovely workbook per month to help you implement the strategies through specific, easy steps in just minutes a day. 


Voluntary HotSeats each month where we collaborate to solve your problem, and then mastermind a solution just for you!


Review, practice, and work at your own pace while always having access to live, open support inside the group (*annual members only).


One simple how-to video each month to provide ideas, examples, and step-by-step actions so you can implement right away.


Significant discounts for highly specialized, 1:1 private sessions open only to members.

Here’s what happens week-by-week each month so you always have guidance and support:

✅Week 1 = Training video & booklet released for that month’s topic 

✅Week 2 = Live, open office hours (Session 1) so you can ask questions and get immediate feedback (submit questions ahead of time if you can’t be there live -- I’ll still answer them!)

✅Week 3 = Voluntary HotSeat group mastermind session (bring your issue or challenge and as a group, we’ll mastermind together in order to form a solution just for you)

✅Week 4 = Live, open office hours (Session 2) so you can ask questions and get immediate feedback (submit questions ahead of time if you can’t be there live -- I’ll still answer them!)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is the membership for?

The Copywriting Strategies Membership is for driven, passionate online entrepreneurs in the beginning or intermediate phases of business. They spend way too much time trying to figure out what to write next, what to say next, and sometimes end up not producing emails or social posts at all because they get stuck on what to say and how to say it.

Is this a monthly or annual membership?

The options for the Copywriting Strategies Membership are to join as a quarterly member or as an annual member which ensures that you’re committed not only to yourself, but to the other members as well. 

When it comes to writing, things can get personal pretty quickly! Not all of us had super positive experiences with writing back in our school days, and it can feel vulnerable to ask for feedback, or for ideas on how to word something. 

I want to protect the emotional safety and security of this close-knit group by ensuring that people aren’t just coming and going, joining the membership to kick the tires and then hopping back out without even bothering to get to know anyone else. We need each other, and we will thrive in this community together! A quarterly or annual option protects us all from those who are “just curious” and who aren’t serious about developing their writing craft or serving others.

What if I'm already working with a coach or I'm in a course or program?

The Copywriting Strategies Membership is a perfect compliment to other coaching programs or courses you're already going through right now. This membership supports your business growth and writing skills to ensure you're actually communicating consistently with your ideal clients!

I'm so busy already and I always feel like I'm behind. I don't know that I can do another "thing."

OMG then you've got to join our group! You will totally fit in here. The skills you'll develop as a member of our group will not be firehosed all over you. No overwhelm here. You'll learn incrementally over time. You'll implement one thing at a time. You'll have strategy and support at your fingertips. We've got you, you've got us, and we're making significant progress in our businesses by getting consistent with our messaging, or writing, and our audience engagement . . . It all goes back to writing and we can't wait for you to jump in with us!

What's the investment?

While being high on personal support while also remaining totally doable for the busy online entrepreneur, this membership has two options available at the special founding members rate:

> > Quarterly Membership ($397 every 90 days)

> > Annual Membership ($997 every 12 months)

* * * Annual Members get 3 months free (a $397 value) plus a complimentary 60 minute 1:1 private coaching session (a $397 value)

Want to talk it over before joining us?

Send me a DM on FB or just shoot me an email > > Laura@LauraKebartCopy.com