Clients hire me to help them turn words into revenue.

Where are you stuck right now? 

L E T ' S   C H A T > > 

What if you could take what you mean, and find just the right way to word it so your ideal clients can't wait to pay you for your transformational services?

Clients hire me to work through many of the following hang-ups to move them forward in their businesses. 

Maybe you're stuck on . . .

How to make your opt-in form or registration page a total no-brainer so you can grow your audience on autopilot. 

What to say in your emails and how to say it so you're consistently getting replies, building genuine relationships, and serving new clients.

How to map out and word your sales page so potential clients can't wait to work with you.

How to repurpose testimonials and client experiences into powerful content that builds rapport with future ideal clients.

Meet Kathy, who understands first-hand how important words are when serving clients in her highly competitive, price-sensitive niche: 

"If you need help with your copy, you NEED Laura Kebart. 

Laura helped me tweak and improve my sales page and my emails so that I can speak to my audience more clearly and make sales more effectively. She saved me so much time because I wasn’t wasting time spinning my wheels with my copy. 

I feel so much more confident moving forward in my business knowing that I can successfully speak to my customers and I couldn’t have done it without Laura! You won’t regret working with her."

Kathy Ngo Martin Founder,  

Where are you stuck? Let's get together and create --  

Subject lines that get opened  

Emails that get replies  

Calls-to-action that people click  

Sales pages that convert  

Webinar slide decks that sell  

You've got questions, and I've got answers. 

Before working together, let's see if I'm the resource you need to finalize that sales page, re-word those emails, or get your next webinar reg page to sound right!

Or maybe you're feeling so overwhelmed, you're not even sure what you need! 

Pick a day and time for a complimentary 30-minute discovery call and . . . 

L E T ' S  C H A T > > 

While I’m geeking out on how specific words or phrases build trusted connections and result in sales, you can be bringing in new revenue for your business because working with me allows you to focus on doing what YOU do best.  

It’s incredible what you can accomplish when your brain is freed up from stressing over what to say or how to say it.

Meet Jennifer, who knows the value in crafting the perfect message while maintaining her own unique voice: 

"I am so happy to have found Laura’s copywriting service! 

Her insightful guidance helped me to clarify my message and to provide a confident, knowledgeable, sales funnel. 

She always kept my voice present but just made me sound better!"  

Jennifer Dixon Director,  

Hi, I'm Laura Kebart.

Much like you, I began my business 100% certain that my products and services would truly help others by giving them their time back and by reducing exhaustion & overwhelm (I began my online business serving teachers in the education space, and I’ve grown it to hundreds of active members).  

Now here’s the thing: As unique human beings, we each have within us at least one “unfair advantage” that we can leverage to grow our businesses. Mine is that as a former English teacher and full-time word-nerd, I’m able to quickly craft the perfect copy any time I have a new idea or promotion to share with my audience.  

We’re talking about copy that results in sales due to the power of targeted messaging, genuine language, and an organized series of content that speaks into the hearts of your audience.  

So think about your own “unfair advantage” and what it would mean for your business (and your sanity) if you could leverage that skill while releasing the writing and copy pressure from your shoulders.  

I know what it’s like to need help in order to move forward. 

Every time I’ve invested in myself by hiring someone whose “unfair advantage” aligned with my need, I’ve grown and I’ve quickly recouped the initial investment!  

Let’s work together to craft YOUR highly engaging message that brings in revenue so you can continue (or begin!) helping those who need you most. 

Meet Lohnay, who now has a revenue-generating sales page that resonates with her target audience: 

"It was really eye-opening to have Laura review my Sales Page on my website.  

She pointed out so many useful things I needed to change and improve to reach my target audience.  

I would highly recommend her services!"  

Lohnay Bishoff Owner,  


Email I Sales Page I Opt-in Form I Webinar Registration Page I Content Repurposing

If you love the idea of working together side-by-side in real time so we can talk things through as I re-write or tweak the copy you've been struggling with, then we've GOT to get started. 

Together, we'll fine-tune your unique message in order to attract your ideal audience to your services. I'll leverage the power of imagery and language to ensure a perfect invitation for clients to confidently take their next step with you so you can keep growing.  

You'll get to tell me all about your business, your perfect-for-you clients, and your goals while I write, tweak, or review your copy--live on the session together!

Choose your package, and let's get started!

Email I Sales Page I Opt-in Form I Webinar Registration Page I Content Repurposing

It's ALL about flexibility here . . .

Each package can be used all at once, or you can divide it up into smaller segments so you can space them out as needed. 

1 Hour Session: 

This can be divided into two 30 min sessions or used all at once.

You have 12 months from the date of purchase to redeem your time with me.

Flat rate: $397

If we've worked together before or if you KNOW you're ready to finally move forward, then click the button below and let's get going! 

3 Hour Package:  

This package can be divided into several 30 minute or hour-long sessions over time, or used all at once.  

You have 12 months from the date of purchase to redeem your time with me.  

Flat rate: $997  

If we've worked together before or if you KNOW you're ready to finally move forward, then click the button below and let's get going! 

Flagship VIP Day:  

This truly bespoke 1:1 experience will generate a massively powerful transformation in your business. Not only will be work side-by-side on your most pressing copywriting needs, but you will have access to specialists and coaches I will provide for you in the areas that you need and want as part of this full-day, fully personalized event.

Book a complimentary call by clicking here to determine if this intensive experience is what you need to propel you forward.

Meet Shey, who learned not just what to say and how to say it, but the “why” behind it in order to finalize her sales page to bring in new clients:  

"I struggle with writing any type of copy in my business. 

Once I created a sales page, Laura provided amazing video feedback that showed me each place that needed improvement on my sales copy. 

Her approach was simple and she explained the reasons behind why I should change my written words. She has a teacher’s heart and I learned so much from her. 

I can’t wait to work with Laura again!" 

Shey Harms, Technical Business Coach at - Podcast and Technical training for Online Businesses

Curious about what it's like to work with me and what we'll DO during these sessions?

That's what a no-pressure, no-big-deal discovery call is for, my friend

The call is for you AND me to determine if working together on your copy is the best step forward in your business at this point. 

If we discover that there are other areas of your business you need to focus on before we can work on the copy, then I'll tell you so and we can work together another time. 

See? No pressure :-)

I want the best for you and if working together is a perfect fit, then I will invite you to take that next step. If it's not, then I will make a heart-felt, personal recommendation to you based on our discovery call and send you on your way. 

You have nothing to lose, and SO much to possibly gain!

Ready to learn more? Click the button below and . . .  

Meet Amber, whose engaging landing page resonates with her target audience, building their trust and showing them the transformation they'll get when they join her membership. 

"I have been so lucky to have had Laura's eyes on my landing page for my new membership site

She not only gave me detailed feedback and encouragement, she actually went through the entire page on a Vimeo and made it very easy to follow and understand."

Amber Harper founder, host, The Burned-in Teacher Podcast


Janelle's growth strategy is solidly in place!

- Janelle Lara, the original Part-Time CEO and the Quantum Business Healer

Karen's messaging and new elevator pitch are on-point now!

- Karen Heroux, Visibility Strategist + Mindset Mentor

Sonja's landing page for her new offer is bringing in clients!

- Sonja Tsang, Signature Brand Strategist